Pluto Trigger Star Trails Tutorial

The Pluto Trigger includes a wonderful star trail mode that allows you to take star trail photos with ease. The app allows you to set the number of shots, the exposure, the time between the shots and the delay between shots. The tricky part of this is the processing of the images to actually show star trails. I show how to do all of this in the video below but just in case you are unable to watch, I will give a brief written description. The easiest way that I know to do this is to edit all of the photos to your liking either using Adobe Camera Raw or whatever program you are comfortable using. Then go into Photoshop, File>Scripts>Load Files Into Stack. This will bring up a dialogue allowing you to import the files that you wish to use for your star trails. Using this dialog will load all of the selected files into one Photoshop file, each one will be a different layer. Once they are here select all of the layers except the bottom one and change the blending mode to “lighter color.” This will show each of the stars and merge them together giving you the appearance of star trails. I have included a gallery of photos showing this process.


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